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We label someone, and we judge that label.

We judge someone as soon as we label them.

There is an assumption that goes with judgement.

We see someone that doesn’t fit our description of what looks nice, or gossip about people.

In that moment we, have judged someone and how they should be.
How they should look.
That is according to us, me, you, “our take on the world.”

We label them as a lost cause and think they have nothing to offer that would interest us.
We loose faith in that person and then treat them with little or no respect.

In judgement our fears show up.

In judgement we become separated from love. (Gabby Bernstein)

Think about this.

Think about the times when you have seen someone or made fun of someone.
Think people look weird or misplaced.

What story have you made up about them.

What judgement have you just made??
What assumption have you just made?

If you were to flip it and instead of judging someone or a behaviour; become curious about that person.

Soften your thoughts.

Be gentle with your words, your thoughts and the energy around that person also softens.

They become real, become closer to us and in doing so our judgement lessens.

Judgement underlines our fears.
Judgement is separation from love.
It doesn’t mean we stop judging, become aware of what you are doing.
Awareness is the key. In awareness you, we, I can change things.

We choose what we want and what we can have.

I wonder what it is you want and who you judge, let me know, I’m curious.