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If you have lost your way, I can put you on the right path

Let’s discuss your needs with a complimentary 30 minute session where we can assess where you’re at, and look at ways to help you move forward.

I’ll confirm my recommendations to significantly help you achieve the improvements you desire.

If warranted, and without obligation – my clients often choose to then undertake the 3 session process of further consultation, to dive into doing deeper work together – which normally leads to lasting and profound results. This is called The New You Program.

But the first step is to take advantage of the free 30 minute discussion, which in itself can be of great value to you – and serves as a professional introduction of my coaching services, for yourself or others you know, to utilise if and when desired.

I would still be struggling to find purpose and direction if it wasn't for you Melissa. Your guidance has been truly invaluable. Thank you.

Lisa MurrieHackham

I’m so glad you’re here!

My name is Melissa and I help people to learn, grow and create experiences – to achieve a life they want, and to become a better more authentic version of themselves.

I developed The New You Program to create a framework for helping people reset and refocus their goals, provide guidance on the relevant action they need to take, plus offer support and accountability at milestones on their journey to the successful outcomes involved.

Who this is for

People who desire personal growth, who may have lost their way – yet know there’s more within them, and who wants to bring that out for themselves and for the people around them….. and all they need is some objective guidance and support.

So once we’ve had a chat, and confirm this program is relevant to you, it could be one of the most rewarding journeys you’ll ever embark on.

The New You Program is relevant if you’re:

  • Ready to move forward out of your comfort zone, and try something new
  • Want to learn how to change and communicate better with others and improve your relationships – including with yourself
  • Fascinated by human behaviour and would love to learn more
  • Truly interested in also helping others but not sure how to make this happen
  • Been procrastinating for too long, yet know it’s time to move forward and get clear about what you want – and how to achieve it